1. exgirlfriendclub answered: because vice isn’t a common word or anything
  2. ghostlymuseum answered: you guys cant try to own everything
  3. verbalmumblr answered: yo momma
  4. djchristo answered: dj vice?
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  6. estoesparami answered: pas moi!
  7. misterandre answered: thisdick.
  8. catacombz answered: your boy righthurr!
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  10. straightoutofyourmind answered: IT’S MINE NOW SUCKAH!
  11. digg answered: lol
  12. okkkkkkkkkkkkok answered: ok
  13. dxo answered: Hey Vice, whydon’t you fly me out to Vegas HST style and I’ll get to the bottom of it. My lawyer will accompany me and we’ll docu it. ;)
  14. mdtepsic answered:… lol they on sum V I C E
  15. theballdontlie answered: I stole it. What’s snapchat?
  16. atheist-in-foxhole answered: Ill give it back if you bring back eddie haungs show.
  17. skateshoehiker answered:…
  18. nitrous0xide answered: your mom
  19. tibets answered: oops
  20. therangefinderdiaries answered: who the fuck uses snapchat?
  21. eye-r0ll answered: i wish
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