Skits in skate videos or skits on rap albums?


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  2. silenthashtag answered: rap albums
  3. tannerballengee answered: sk8 vids
  4. theboredzombie answered: rap albums
  5. d353rtr4t answered: both.
  6. istillhaveaflamegun answered: On rap albums. Ugh. thats why Illmatic never gets old.
  7. samjpassion answered: Skits in Skate videos. Skits on rap albums could actually be used for cohesion of the work. Check out Good Kid M.A.A.D City. Classic Album.
  8. tshaneke answered: Hey guys! Let me publish this somewhere on your network:…
  9. skateorsplit answered: Rap Albums hands down
  10. littlemikeyh answered: skits in pornos
  11. el-pibe-josi answered: both
  12. verbalmumblr answered: skate vids. black people are more entertaining
  13. paytocum answered: those are both sick
  14. pylb said: Skate videos, of course. Skits in skate videos begat Jackass, so we can just watch the parts where dudes get hurt doing stupid shit. Skits on rap albums only lead to more lame skits on rap albums.
  15. fashionsucker answered: .. next question, PLEASE ????
  16. hippiesrsucky answered: rap albums
  17. h-donism answered: rap
  18. vickvictorino answered: Videos de Skate
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  20. lazeeluq answered: rap albums
  21. namnice answered: skate videos.
  22. thenomadic1 answered: who gives a fuck? how about that…
  23. sealscene answered: sk8 vidz
  24. doityourselfordie answered: rap albums.. always trips me out
  25. cliterism answered: rap albums!
  26. backrowheckling answered: Skate videos have worse humor but some great rap albums have terrible skits.
  27. izaqroland answered: Rap albums for the win.
  28. 8everything answered: What are skits?
  29. aggravatedhooliganism answered: rap albums skits suck donkey dick.
  30. fxixmxa said: Rap songs Skate videos need to be funny!
  31. ummenino-qualquer answered: Bhaa nem seei
  32. jonneye answered: Kooks publishing magazines
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    Def Sk8 video’s. Skits on rap albums can be dumb but there are also several great albums where the skits are essential...
  35. mvrselluswvllvce answered: skits on rap albums
  36. startssweetendsbitter answered: skate videos
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    Really glad you asked, Hanson/VICE! I assume this is partially in reference to the recent release of Pretty Sweet, the...