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Hey you cats dig jazz?? Skibbity-be-bop-slap-dap-dum! Jazz, which was created by Dave Brubeck and Hugh Hefner in 1963, is nuanced. Probably the greatest of all “jazzbos” as they say in the biz, or “gig,” is Gerry Mulligan. (He invented “free jazz” which is when you play at a place that has no cover but does have a drink minimum.) Miles Davis sure was one hep cat! Dig those crazy shoes! But he scares me and I can see where the cops were coming from, honestly. One of the most important things of jazz is how it impacted the rest of America. The beats, for example, swung to those far-out sounds and created a free-associative style of prose that blew the top off the old fogies. Perhaps you can recognize some of that trailblazing spirit in the work of bloggers today (skip-drip-bloo-bap, maybe in the piece you’re reading right now, wink wink!) — of course in a more Journalistic vein. Unfortunately, jazz had its dark side, too, and was cancelled in 1954 when Thelonious Monk’s hat was determined to be “too out there” by the U.S. government. Jazz was never heard from again until the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies were featured in Criterion Films’s Swingers, an important document of jazz in the “Age of Swing.” Anyhoo, check out this Benny Goodman clip from YouTube, and don’t forget to wear a “zoot suit” in honor of famous jazz virtuoso, Chet Baker!

wow which editor rejected this I’ll get them on the horn stat


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