Look at this little guy! Those glasses… That sweatshirt… The funny look on his face… So, what do you think? Is he a Do? A Don’t? Tell us!

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  1. babybiochem answered: do
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    It’s a definite DO
  3. kstang answered: Do.
  4. hotwiiremyheart answered: Do!
  5. paulmannconway answered: Muzzy.
  6. everydaygenius answered: DO
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  8. feverishdream answered: do
  9. mentalillness answered: hahah the kitten is a do
  10. pierreism answered: That moustache colour is suspicious.
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  12. sleevynicks answered: hahaha buddy
  13. meganmcisaac answered: hahahahaha its eric! from knowing him personal, its a do!
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