The 2012 election is finally over, which means that there’s at least 6 months until the 2016 campaign season starts. If you’re going through withdrawal, here’s all 5 episodes of Foreign Correspondents, the series we produced with Daily Motion about how politicos around the world see our election process. Enjoy.

Canal Plus correspondent Laurence Haim joins the White House press pool (“the bubble,” as she calls it) as they follow Obama around the country in the final days of his campaign. She discusses the frustration involved in trying to explain the complex electoral college to French people, and why Ohio is so important to that process. Ohio is very divided, she says, and after talking to some Ohio residents, her claim is corroborated. Some Ohioans she meets support Romney, some support Obama, and some say they won’t vote for either, because “they aren’t worth a crap.”

In this episode of Foreign Correspondents, Hong Kong State Radio reporter Ben Leung heads to the Conservative Political Action Conference convention in Denver to see what’s what. China has a one-party system, so he’s always been bewildered by the pageantry of our elections. Watch as he attempts to wrap his head around one of America’s silliest, and most important, traditions.