• McWorld is a giant McDonald’s flagship store.

• McWorld serves food from all the different McDonald’s menus from around the world.

• McWorld is located in Times Square.

Sometimes, I see it like Epcot Center: there’d be a central courtyard, maybe a water feature (McOcean or something), and surrounding it would be a variety of pavilions, each replicating the McDonald’s experience from a different country. Pop over to Taiwan for a McRice burger (the rice, oddly, is formed into cakes that replace the buns, not the fillings), back to Brazil for a side of nachos, and wash it all down with a frosty cane-sugar Coke from Mexico.

The way I’ve been thinking about it lately, though, is that it’s split into two or three different levels.

— This piece on The Awl about McWorld is truly one of the great proposals we’ve heard.