A Backstage iPad Perspective of Hood By Air’s Latest Fashion Week Show

Taking photos at fashion week sucks. From an objective standpoint, it’s pretty formulaic: you take your fancy DSLR, head to the show early, crouch in the photo pit, and take head-on, head-to-toe portraits of various weenies wearing things. All the while, the guy next to you who works for some other magazine/media company/blog essentially takes the same photo.

So, in the spirit of youthful rebellion (and continuity) we sent out-of-bounds photographer Nick Sethi to document backstage at Hood By Air’s latest showing. And since HBA is known for sending pipe-laden jackets, snowboard boots, and crutches down the runway, he figured it’d be cool if he left his DSLR at home and take his iPad instead. We didn’t disagree.

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Tan Lines

Tan Lines

Tan Lines

Photos and creative direction by Annette Lamothe-Ramos; styling by Miyako Bellizzi. Special thanks to the time-warped city of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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